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World Café in Kaunas on April 6th

Kaunas University of Technology hosted a workshop in the form of World Café on 6th of April 2023.

The aim of the workshop was to find out what difficulties Ukrainian citizens face when they come to work and study at Kaunas University of Technology, how the KTU community perceives these challenges and what solutions it offers. The main target group were the Ukrainian citizens who come to study and work at Kaunas University of Technology, as well as the wider community of Ukrainian citizens, both staying in Lithuania and remaining in the Ukraine. 

The World Café discussion focused on ideas for social initiatives that the university
community could undertake in the context of the Ukraine crisis. 

The discussion was divided into five topics, each highlighting a specific group of needs: educational needs, cultural needs, basic needs such as financial support, accommodation, legal and psychological support, etc., and support for compatriots remaining in Ukraine. 

The workshop was initiated by the KTU team as part of the Baltics4UA project activities. The event was held as an informal activity promoting citizenship and social responsibility among KTU community members.

Ukrainian citizens, students and researchers currently working at Kaunas University of Technology were actively involved in the discussion and brought interesting and new ideas that we will be able to develop together with the whole community. The Ukrainians welcomed the opportunity to express their ideas and to strengthen their relationship with other members of the university community in support of Ukraine and its people.

Business partners were not included, as the aim of the event was to bring together members of the KTU community for a common discussion, to hear the position and needs of Ukrainian citizens, and to jointly seek ideas to meet those needs. Involving business partners in the initiatives would be the next step. 

Ukrainian citizens and members of the university community had the opportunity for fruitful discussions and generated a number of ideas that could be realistically developed through further cooperation and involvement of social and/or business partners. 

The World Café at Kaunas University of Technology is one of a series of other Baltics4UA events. The ideas of the discussion will be presented in more detail in the project publication.