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Seminar on the involvement of Ukrainian youth in youth work

On June 5, 2023, a seminar on mapping the educational opportunities of Ukrainian students will be held at Tallinn University. First-year youth work applied higher education students prepared three independent practical works from the given six options within the subject of non-formal learning environments and methods. One part of each task included a description of Ukrainian youth involvement.

At the beginning of the seminar, students Kristi Lepp and Anna Gudim, who will graduate from youth work in 2023, will present a mini-research on opportunities for Ukrainian youth in education and leisure activities using the example of Rae municipality. This is followed by a discussion in small groups, where the experiences of Ukrainian youth involvement are mapped using six types of practical work examples: RESPECT analysis of involvement in a youth group, analysis of activities aimed at Ukrainian refugees, portfolio of a youth worker, voluntary activity in youth work, evaluation of the quality of a youth association, analysis of a youth participation board.

The seminar is conducted by Lianne Teder, junior lecturer of youth work, supervisor of the subject of non-formal learning environments and methods.

The seminar takes place within the framework of the Baltic4UA project supported by Erasmus+ and the subject “Informal learning environments and methods”.