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Publication. Pranckutė, A., Abolina, I., Beitane, A., Berezko, O., Boichenko, K., Gibson, C. H., Jõgi, L., Oikonomou, S., Pata, K., Shilinh, A., Stučka, M., Tautkevičienė, G., Teder, L., Vali, F., Vovk, N., & Zourou, K. (2023). WP2A4. Landscape analyses: Examples of citizen engagement initiatives fo rUkraineo rganized by Baltic Universities.

Publication. Zourou, K., Oikonomou, S., & Samiotios, S. (2023). Baltic universities fostering citizen engagement through social actions for Ukrainian refugees.

Review. Mapping activity: collection of initiatives undertaken by Baltic HEIs to engage citizens in forms of social action for Ukrainians (result of the project’s Work package 2 Activity 1).

Presentation. Introduction of the projects: Goals, target groups and partners of Baltics4UA (as of February 2023 at the beginning of the project).