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Opening of Beata Kurkul‘s exhibition “Fighting Ukraine“

Kaunas University of Technology organized an exhibition created by Beata Kurkul, a Lithuanian citizen who has been living and working in Kiev, Ukraine since 2008. 

Beata Kurkul

The exhibition took place at the KTU University Campus Libary on November 20th as a social action to remind the community of the war in Ukraine
and to highlight its heart-breaking consequences for the Ukrainian people.

Altogether 38 people participated, such as senior administrators directing the academic affairs of the Kaunas University of Technology (rector, vice-rectors, deans, managing directors) and also international students, librarians. Rector of Kaunas University of Technology participated in opening of this exhibition and expressed his great support to Beata Kurkul and all Ukrainian people.

Participants not only had the opportunity to get acquainted with the digital art works on display and their author, but also to hear live testimonies about the fighting in Ukraine from the author, who witnessed the
events and was in the war zone.

During the event, participants interacted actively with the author of the exhibition about the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine and the strong will of Ukrainians, and discussed the needs for support to the remaining population in Ukraine.

The expression of the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian military in digital artworks, and the author’s vivid testimonies touched most of the participants.

The biggest impact of the event was that the community was vividly reminded that even though we feel “war fatigue”, the Ukrainian people are still fighting. And that the support of our community is very important and needed.

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