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University of Tartu empowering students and citizens for social action during crises

The Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies at University of Tartu held a workshop on April 4, 2023,
to initiate a discussion among university staff and students regarding the university’s approach
towards the Ukrainian community arriving in Estonia due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The
aim of the workshop was to acknowledge the university’s successful efforts and identify areas that
require improvement.

The workshop included a panel discussion with experts in international marketing,
internationalization, intellectual property, and applied social sciences, who discussed initiatives
organized by UT to support Ukrainian students and the wider Ukrainian community. Participants
were then divided into groups and asked to provide their opinions on various aspects of UT’s
involvement in supporting the Ukrainian community in Tartu.
The event had a significant impact, as it helped identify crucial points that will be addressed in
upcoming project deliverables. Involving multiple stakeholders with varying expertise and
perspectives led to more nuanced discussions and a more comprehensive understanding of the
challenges faced by the Ukrainian community in Tartu.

The outcomes and insights from the workshop will be compiled into an open-access publication to
ensure broader dissemination of the information and insights shared during the event.